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Fat Otter Adventure Sports has been providing quality adventure races, training events, and group outings since 2006.

Whether your passion is for running, paddling, orienteering, mountain biking, climbing, or even simple camping, we have an outing or event for you.

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2014 Frozen Otter Venue Change

Due to the extremely limited space at the Butler Lake Trail Area, we will be re-locating the main race staging area to Mauthe Lake. This area is located 10 miles south and will provide a much better venue for staging the race.  The change will affect the race in the following ways:

1. Half distance racers will now have two out-and-backs similar to the full distance, only shorter.
2. Full distance racers will have a 48 mile out-and-back followed by the remaining 16 mile out-and-back.

The Frozen Few

To be a part of the Frozen Few, racers must complete the full distance division (64 miles) of the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek within the 24 hours allowed.  With less than a 10% completion rate, this is an accomplishment worth recognition!!

Please congratulate those that have achieved what hundreds have tried.  Think you can get your name on the list?

6th Annual Frozen Otter a Success

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the 6th annual Frozen Otter a complete success. Conditions were fantastic and the field of racers strong. Congratulations to the 11 racers that went the full distance! Expect a more extensive recap as well as results in the next few days.

In the mean time, we are continuing to post pictures as they become available.  You can view them HERE.


There are always a lot of questions as to what qualifies as a shelter in the Frozen Otter.   I simply define it as something that is large enough to accommodate you and still keep out the rain/snow and wind. 

This could be a full blown tent, or a simple tarp with means to pitch it. Remember that you will probably already be carrying trekking poles which could be used, and a length of rope does not weigh a ton.

2012 Frozen Otter FULL

The 2012 Frozen Otter Ultra Trek has reached capacity in record time (actually, the first time). This January's race will definitely be great! For those of you who did not get in, be sure to sign up for the wait list as spots may open up. Also, there are still volunteer opportunities if you wish to participate in that capacity instead.

Thanks again to all of you for making the Frozen Otter such an exciting and successful event. Keep an eye on the website for more information as the race nears.

See you in January!!!

Frozen Otter YouTube Videos

Finals Results Are Up!

Here are the results from this years Spolka! I attached the final rankings under the Documents section in the Spolka 2011 page. You'll see that there are split times to help you gauge how you transitioned between noteable events.

We started recording your transition times when you got back from the VFW on your bike. I didn't calculate your time spent biking or orienteering as I figured I'd leave that fun up to you! Transition times can definitely be the difference between a first place finish or something lower.

Call for Emails

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone's getting excited about next weekend's race, I know I am! I want to make sure that I have everyone's email that I should. Do me a favor, if you are participating or volunteering for this year's SPOLKA, send me a quick email at "" and I'll make sure the roster is correct. I want to make sure that everyone is getting my race updates as the come!

Reply with any questions and I'll do my best to answer without giving away any of the fun!

Thank you,

For the LOVE of Misery,

Fat Otter Welcomes Gilberts Craft Sausages As A Sponsor

We (oui) at Fat Otter Adventure Sports would like to thank the owners of Gilbert's Craft Sausages for joining our list of high quality sponsors! Truly innovative, the owners of Gilbert's have found a way to make high quality meat with extremly unique flavorings without any of the typical nitrates, nitrites, MSG or arsenic (huh?) in their products.

Lightning Strikes

Sun, 2011-04-03 (All day)
Adventure Race
8 Hour - 1st place 3 person coed
Let me start by saying that Gerry’s High Profile Adventure camp is THE BEST! We had so much fun. Yes we did end up with a less than pimp cabin but that’s what adventure racing is all about. You deal with what you have and sometimes what you have isn’t pleasant. We also learned paddling skills, ropes, navigation, how to take care of our skin thanks to April Hernann, and many other things along the way. We did learn that Gerry has a very evil sense of humor.  His name was cursed many times as you will see in the race report below…

 Racer’s Eve….
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